The studio of Architect Marco Pacini works on architectural design, for residential, office, commercial and hotel buildings and includes restoration and interior design – the Studio provides a complete service to transform your building.

Since the Studio was established in 1982, Marco and his team have worked on the architecture of many residential villas, hotels and accommodation facilities for individuals and organisations.

We meet with you to discuss your requirements and work with you through preliminary design to final design to construction until the project is complete.

Our projects are linked to the architectural tradition of Tuscany, whose history and culture influences our work.  We are known for our reinterpretation of the historical and cultural traditions and values of the past with a contemporary twist.

To ensure that you are truly satisfied with your project, we regularly involve our clients in the project to make sure our choices meet your requirements.

Our customer service
The Studio offers a comprehensive service to customers using is combination of expertise and external collaboration with specialists. This includes:
– Preliminary meetings and feasibility testing of the project
– Architectural design, functional and technical;
– Implementation and coordination of architectural design;
– Identification of procedures in public bodies;
– Render, 3D design, three-dimensional views and movies;
– Supervision of works.